Just Slip on your headphones and press "play"
and YOU can "Listen and Grow Rich"

From: Dr. Joe Vitale

Dear Friend,

You've probably heard of Napoleon Hill's book, "Think and Grow Rich." It's the "book that makes millionaires."

Now there's a new, better way to absorb the "millionaire-making" secrets from the book: "Think and Grow Rich" with Milagro VF enhanced learning technology!

You need this audio course if:

- You're never heard of the book.

- You've got the book but haven't read it.

- You've read it, but didn't master the material, and haven't received the wealth and success you want.

I've used the techniques in Think and Grow Rich to make major changes in my life-

Napoleon Hill's books have been an important part of my growth and success, and chances are that you can have the same dramatic change in your life by using our new home study course, Listen and Grow Rich.

Let's face it. When Napoleon Hill wrote his book, life was simpler and moved at a slower pace.


You need good information that will give you the skills you need to attain your goals. There's no better source for that information than "Think and Grow Rich." One famous internet marketer has read it over fifty times!

You don't have time for that- you want the information you need in an easy, comprehensive format that will have you making money fast.


Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich to give you the information you need to become a millionaire. His formula is proven, time-tested, and infallible. Most of the success programs that have been introduced in the 68 years since "Think and Grow Rich," are based on that book.

Have you noticed? In interviews with successful marketers, the one common thread is that they have all read his book.

When he wrote that book, people had the time to wade through long stories and numerous examples. There was no television, no internet, no home movie theaters- he had to entertain them while he taught them.

Times have changed. You don't have time to read all that, do you? You want the important information in that book, and you want it now.

Consider these questions...

  • "How can YOU learn the secret of acquiring wealth, or anything else you want, right now?"
  • "What are the 12 steps YOU can take to achieve absolute financial freedom, right now?"
  • "How can YOU be money's master, instead of money's slave- RIGHT NOW?"
  • "What is the importance of "Faith" to YOUR success?"
  • "How can YOU use YOUR "Desire" to acquire wealth and satisfaction?"
  • "What is the secret of QQS?"
  • "What is the importance of "Persistence?"
  • "How can YOU tap into the power of YOUR subconscious mind- automatically?"

YOU'LL learn AUTOMATICALLY- with NO effort on your part.

I have taken the information in Napoleon Hill's book and created a 12-step audio home-study course that teaches his proven formula for acquiring wealth

I've distilled that information into an audio course in twelve lessons that you can listen to immediately. I've carefully mined the book and pulled out the golden nuggets. It's all there- every single secret Napoleon Hill disclosed in his book- in a one-hour audio course you can listen to anywhere, as often as you like.

I guarantee that if you follow the simple 12-step formula in this course, you will be more successful- and more importantly- more satisfied with your life. You'll learn that nothing is impossible, and there is nothing you can't accomplish- as long as you use these techniques.

Even if you've read the book, or our Think and Grow Rich Workbook, or any other resource based on Think and Grow Rich- YOU'VE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!

Just imagine- you put on your headphones and soothing music plays, and the Milagro VF enhanced learning binaurals bring your mind to absolute laser-like focus. You listen as I explain each of the twelve steps. At the end of the chapter there are a series of review questions to make sure you've absorbed all the secrets. You'll also have the workbook- you can listen and learn at your own pace, as often as you like.

You can't help but learn these secrets! Each step is laid out clearly, one at a time- all you have to do is listen. You'll be converting your new knowledge into massive action immediately!

Does it work?

Check out these testimonials from a select group of millionaires, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurial experts!

Listen to what world-famous author and marketer Joe Sugarman has to say:

"The truths expressed in this program work and their simplicity may surprise you. I thought it was a very good presentation of the principles that can indeed bring you success beyond your wildest dreams."

Joseph Sugarman, Chairman
BluBlocker Corporation

Check out Best Selling author David Garfinkel's experience with Listen and Grow Rich:

"Of all the inspirational self-help books for success, 'Think and Grow Rich' is still at the top of my list. The further down the path I go, the more I value what I learned, and continue to learn, from this great work."

"Pat, you have taken the value of this work to a new level with your awesome production and recording. It reaches me in a way that the written words on a page never did and never could. Congratulations on an outstanding job!"

David Garfinkel
Publisher, World Copywriting Newsletter

Speaker, E-Zine publisher, and web guru Jason Mangrum found:

"You have done it again with Listen and Grow Rich. I LOVE these audios, and keep the playing in the background whenever I'm working! My favorite is "FAITH." A few things recently happened in my life, and this audio has kept me safe, calm and centered. I know that things will always turn out for the BEST, because I now have the "faith" I need to make life easier."

"Thank you for such a FANTASTIC product!"

Jason Mangrum, Editor

Master-Marketer Jo Han Mok has this to say about Listen and Grow Rich:

"Joe & Pat, this is just incredible...

I was a little skeptical about how your audio version could be 'better' than the original Think and Grow Rich, and when I started listening to it, man I was hooked...

It's as though even though you're not 'consciously' paying attention, all that "Think and Grow Rich" Goodness just gets assimilated.

Uncannily... the 'teachings' seem to keep echoing in my head, especially during the 'lull period' before I sleep.

This is a incredible 'auto-learning' tool, and I highly anyone who has or hasn't read the original Napoleon Hill book lay their hands on this immediately. Just one idea could turn your life around."

Jo Han Mok

Here's what noted author Larry Dotson discovered:

"I couldn't have listened to "Listen and Grow Rich" at a better time! I've had plenty of successes in 2004 but sometimes success can make you lazy."

"For some people it's easy to achieve success but it's hard for them to stay focused or even keep it. When I started listening to the audios and doing the lessons it instantly kick-started my enthusiasm again!"

"It really works! I've already completed my first goal by writing this testimonial!"

Larry Dotson
Free Ezine - Hypnotic Selling Strategies!

Grab the most out of each minute! Learn in you car.

Have you discovered the power of using your car as a learning tool? You'll never waste another minute in traffic again- you'll be listening, and growing rich.

Milagro VF enhanced learning technology is designed to send your mind into a waking trance. This is the best way to quickly learn this information automatically, but not the best way to drive your car! So, I've included the same rich content and beautiful music without the Milagro VF, so you can use every moment of your drive-time effectively.


If you invest right now, you can get all this for only $7

Your Success is Guaranteed!

There is no risk- this program has been proven to work time and time and time again. It's never been offered in a format this powerful and simple. I'm so convinced of its power that I GUARANTEE that you will learn to manifest what you desire by following the easy steps in the program that I'm offering a no-questions asked, iron-clad, absolute 60-day guarantee. Try the home-study course at no risk. You can keep the bonuses as a gift.


Joe Vitale

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